Our Story

A dream among friends

Barley Tea was born in a hangout among friends who share the same values and ideas.

California, 2022: it was a beautiful day to spend the morning at the beach. A group of friends, who live in Southern California, were talking about traditional drinks from other places, like yerba mate, kombucha, among others. A shared memory arose almost instantly: the unmistakable taste of barley tea drunk in their homeland.

So they imagined that a natural and handmade barley drink would perfectly match with the good vibes of the Californian lifestyle. The seed was planted and began to sprout first as an idea, until it bloomed in the market as a healthy, energizing, lightweight and unique product.

A dream that with hard work came true. Summing up the individual expertise of each founder, they have created a new drink inspired by Peruvian roots. Barley Tea reaches the market through shared values among friends, such as care for the production chain, emphasis on regenerative agriculture and preservation of the planet's water. A nutritious and refreshing tea that suits our lifestyle, and everybody’s.

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From grain to Barley Tea